Be a Show Guest


SHOWCASE YOUR LOCAL BUSINESS to our Eastern Shore Residents !
Retention is increased by 82% when TV appearances are
backed up by Online Marketing

Easily affordable segments on The Afternoon Mix give you the opportunity to showcase your business, services and products – and invite customers to stop by your location. 
Make them an offer they can’t refuse !  Target your message to the local areas where your customers live – our local Eastern Shore communities.  Be Seen on TV !

Our marketing program is designed to reach out for 60 days as a follow-up
to each of your appearances,
by posting y0ur video and information online for 60 DAYS
for viewers to view as often as they wish.

Local Eastern Shore Businesses ONLY: Dental Offices ~ Restaurants ~  Plumbers ~ Carpet Cleaners ~ Micro Breweries ~ Jewelry Stores ~  Personal Trainers ~  Nutritionists   Day Spa ~  Massage Therapist ~  Sports Centers ~  Attorneys ~ Computer ~ Repair Store     Training Schools ~ Car Dealers ~ Landscapers ~ Bakeries ~ Sleep Lab ~ YOUR BUSINESS ????

QUESTION: What would you share with the Viewers on Our Eastern Shore, if you had

5 Full Minutes on Television to share your expertise with potential local buyers?

TELL EVERYONE exactly why YOU ARE  “Local Expert”
for your area of expertise.

HOW DO YOU DO THAT? By educating them about what you know, and what THEY should know to be able to do for themselves before they need to call you.   Information and education go a long way in being remembered.

Viewers and your potential customers want to know who they are dealing with, before they part with hard earned dollars.  They want to understand that whoever they ‘hire’ understands their issues, respects that they are spending money with them, and appreciates their business.

Be Pro-Active – Show our Eastern Shore residents that they can  ‘Know You, Like You and Trust You’ 

SHARE WHAT YOU OFFER   ~ that sets you apart from your competition!

To appear on a Sponsored Segment and/or have commercials produced and aired is much less expensive than you would imagine! AND your show appearance is backed up by a marketing campaign as we promote our Website and Social Media sites.


Mary Mazzullo, your Show Host, will look forward to talking with you anytime at all ~
Give Mary a call at 410-756-0020….
Leave a message to tell Me that you have a GREAT idea for a show segment!!
I will return your call and answer all of your questions as soon as she gets back to the phone!

Or email me anytime !

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SUPPORT LOCAL and help to create and keep jobs here on Delmarva.